April 17, 2010

Love, Stronger Than Pride

Love Stronger Than Pride
by Sade Adu, 1988

I still really love you
Love is stronger than pride
I still really love you

`Sitting here wasting my time
would be like
waiting for the sun to rise
It's all too clear
things come and go
Sitting here waiting for you
would be like waiting for winter
It's gonna be cold
There may even
be snow

I still really love you
Love is stronger than pride...

Nothing Can Come Between Us
by Sade Adu, 1988
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Always hope you'll remember
We'll never really learn the meaning of it all
What we have is strong and tender
So hold on...

Hold on
It truly is a good thing
And I always wanted you
to know...
It's ever lasting...

It's about faith
It's about trust

For those who choose to remain in the way of faith, conventional wisdom in the light appears foolish; the opposite may, however, also be true: in the glare of conventional wisdom, the love story that is the Christ becomes foolishness. Most people live conventional lives. They do not see a role as artists, seers or poets; they do not heed a call as co-Creators. Accepting this as our role, we, as it is said, 'take up our cross', living a life that is quite often counter cultural. It is a life that values creation and all things made, natural to the world; a life of love and spirit. The disciple John writes, "Do not work for the food that perishes." (John 6:27)

So like the words written above by the artist Sade, where we find our heart, there is where our treasures lie. Intimately, the words direct us perhaps to another place, one not originally intended, but still we arrive-- and it is the right place-- even if we had not known it before. Sometimes, we're just obstinate, until faith intervenes. We are reminded that in love we do, we really do live in a community. There is someone nearby to ask, to call, to rely upon.

Yet to receive, we need to ask and to ask exposes us as part of a community. If we seek only to receive and not to give, "sitting here waiting for you... wasting my time..." because you will not, or perhaps refuse to, ever return the gift, then the words of the Christ would have a very different meaning. A gift would not be a gift. Who would there be to receive it? Who would have gifts at all? Only when givers are also willing to be receivers does the community come alive; only then does the community animate with faith, with love, with trust. I still really love you. Love is stronger than pride.

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