January 25, 2014

Moments in Doubt

How Deep It Goes
Lyrics sung by Heart
In the quiet afternoon you left and went down into town
And I just watched the empty road behind you
Where the fog lies kissing the mountainside
You want to be sleeping, deep inside
Believing that the hungry world won't find you
Well, that's just fine, that's just fine

You've got to believe and I don't know, I don't know
What I believe anymore
Or whether to leave, or whether to stay
Or what I can say
To make you know
How deep it goes...
Come on down
Come on down
You've got to come lay down here and say those things
Those warm things, right here in my ear
The times that you had that water like wine
So clean and so fine to make me know how deep it goes...

 Asking, always we are asking the eternal question-- 'I watched the empty road behind you, and "even though there's a scar there from before," is another one of the lyrics.
We want to know that there is the one, the beloved One who cares for us, that we are not living without affect. People who matter to us--why do they return, if at all; do we matter to them, and if not, then to where must we dedicate ourselves?

How long is long enough? Can we somewhere, somehow receive a sign? Taken yet another way, the song brings to mind comparisons to nature, to the Transcendentalists of an earlier century, who with a stroke of their pen inform us that they "have many more miles to go before they sleep." It is sometimes so clean and so fine to make me know how deep.

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