July 24, 2010

Wings of Love

Seasons Change

Some dreams, are in the night time 

And some seem like yesterday 

But leaves turn brown and fade 

Ships sail away 

You long to say a thousand words but 
Seasons Change. 
It feels, like it's forever 
No reason for emptiness 
But time just runs away 
No more day by day, 
You dream and yearn and see the day when 
Seasons Change 
I want you 
I want to feel you by my side 
I need you 

Don't you know I need you baby 
Seasons change 
Feelings change 
It's been so long 
I've found you yet it seems like yesterday 
Seasons change 
People change... 

Belief slips away 
The wings of love they come away and 
Seasons change... 

People change- people change

Seasons change. I heard this one on the radio the other day. It has been such a long time. It was a big hit in 1988 for a girl group from the Bronx, New York. Sometimes we think when we get older, people change; they do, or do we become more experienced, more aware? 

There is "no reason for emptiness" as the lyric goes, unless we ourself withhold what is vital in every life. The most creative, life giving and strongest sense that we're alive in this and every moment is doing what matters to us; living our loves and being the truth that we are. People do change. We grow into what we might become, or not.

I saw an interesting U Tube video in which the composer of the piece surmising that the idea of good vs bad is predetermined, or pre-attracted; that we in fact have a weight around us dragging our destiny and that there is not free will, there is not anything else. The person called this "Abraham." And ultimately this person rejects this idea of the "law of attraction' because, as he notes, what about illness, what about anything in life-- can we, and do we alone, possess the ability by simple attraction to alter events?--seasons change.

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