September 18, 2010

A Saint Is Made

"Out of shadows and images into the truth" --Cardinal John Newman

Abba Father
by Landry and Talbot

Abba, Abba, Father.
You are the potter; we are the clay,
the work of your hands.

Mold us, mold us and fashion us
into the image of Jesus, your Son,
of Jesus, your Son.

Father, may we be One in you.
May we be One in you as he is in you,
and you are in him.

Glory, glory and praise to you.
Glory and praise to you forever, amen,
forever, amen.

While much is made of the beatification of Cardinal John Newman and the religious fore-history of England, there is little to note except that he led a life that some would consider replete with many, many fits and starts. He was not always Catholic, he did not have an ideal family background; some of his siblings were Deists, or non-believers; his personal life,  his deepest feelings and most private thoughts were beyond the norms of his society.

Yet he found his way to the Church, to the Christ and to the pure unity it offered to him. So this Sunday, the Sunday when a Pope, thought to be ultimately conservative, honors this man, recognizes his whole, loving oneness with the Lord, it will be a reminder and a vindication that all who believe are saved, that grace and redemption are real. There is salvation in faith.

While some may gossip about the man's private life; some such as a National Public Radio(NPR)broadcast may wish to titillate with certain details, others will know most clearly that a National Public Radio station is clearly no expert on Church affairs, nor is it even on the mark when explaining dogma to the masses. The beatification of Cardinal John Newman demonstrates their slander for what it is--gossip without foundation, as all gossip necessarily is.

Rejoice and be glad, for the way
of the Christ is before us. He, the Bible teaches, did not distinguish one of God's children from another;he loved them all. Peace be with you. Amen.

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