November 30, 2011

Talk to Me like You Love Me

Kyrie Eleison
version by Mr. Mister
The Kyrie: "Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy; Lord, have mercy."

We talk on the internet; talking-- we do so much. We blog; we write and then write some more. But through all this talk there are some important things for me-- I've been thinking about this, and it's plainly, 'talk to me like I'm someone you care for, talk to me like I'm someone you love.' Everything else is noise.

This experience of talk--talking like we're someone loved, cared for, infuses even the most mean spirited exchange with a greater level of respect, and self-respect. It is centering for both parties. It is deeply loving, deeply healing. Many of us as children had experiences in our families where we did not experience the wonder of this type of talk.

Ordered around and imposed upon, we did not often receive messages from our parents, about our value and self-worth from they, who then loved us most. If it had transpired differently, many of us would have been the recipients of a most wonderful and valuable message: we might have experienced the connection of our self-worth and a connection to our parent. Instead the words were often wounding, often alienating. They were lecturing.

Now as adults we may consciously choose. With our free will intact, simply I ask, "talk to me like I'm someone you care for deeply, like I'm someone you love." In this thing we call a 'relationship,' how are we going to treat each other from this day forward? I have a thought that each one of us deserves to be treated lovingly, despite it all.

"There is no fear in love."
1John 4:18

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