April 19, 2014

Good Friday Proceeds

The Taize community, France
sings Jesus Remember Me

Shepherd Me Oh God

Christ Be Our Light

It was just last Sunday, Palm Sunday, that there in the front of the church sat two men; they looked on together at the roman missal as the prayers were said and sung together from the hymnal as music wound together the meanings and intentions of the Mass. And they together, were unmistakable, and quite pleased by one another. It was just another Sunday in some Roman Catholic church in Urbana, Illinois.
Seated as any other couple in the church, they prayed and worshiped together with the community in recognition of something both larger and greater than themselves; something the community of faith held to be beautiful, and worthy of adoration. Partaking in this beauty were these men. A Simple mind saw them and was reminded how the Church has always taught, prayed and preached the words of the Christ, to love one another, to remember that the Creator formed us out of love, to be love, for love. There these men sat.
Many have branded the Church as exclusionary, yet she herself has not taught this; rather some communities have not found the courage and strength to fully follow the Gospel teachings of the Christ, and some have been captive to their own fears and stayed away.
I admired these two men as they stood, sat and kneeled; we prayed together in our community. May all find the blessings of Easter. Chag Sameach!

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