January 12, 2013

The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Stories

For the many who love a good story, not only books fulfill that interest but movies as well. The classic American poet and author, Edgar Allen Poe is one of those timeless story tellers. His well known tale, The Tell-tale Heart along with four other stories are wonderfully rendered in a modern context in the DVD, Requiem for the Damned, an independent film shot in West Virginia and Pennsylvania with the "magic" provided by the Allegheny Dream Works Factory for special effects.
These stories are told again and again due to the reason that they describe the human condition and pose questions as to its resolution. The author challenges his audience in unexpected ways.

Another film of note, American Violet,
explores social justice and the just treatment of individuals in modern America. We like to think that atrocities are occurring somewhere else, be it Africa, Cuba, the Chinese ethnic regions, or other places.
American Violet tells a true story of the victimization of innocent lives for sometimes financial gains in the pursuit of Federal government funds.This story takes place a mere 10 years ago. It makes one realize that at any given time, anywhere in the world someone is suffering; sometimes that someone is us.

We learn that schoolyard ditty: sticks and stones may break my bones; names can't hurt me, however  in the end, "Only Love Can Break Your Heart".
This story is the triumph of love and community.

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