July 1, 2014

Wild, Unbridled Hope

Treat Her Like a Lady
by Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose

All my friends had to ask me
Somethin' they didn't understand
How I get all the women
In the palms of my hand, now

And I told them, to treat her like a lady
Um-hum all the best you can do
You got to treat her like a lady, she give into you
Ah-hum now who can see, you know what I mean?

I know you heard
That a woman
Will soon take advantage of you...

Let me tell you
My friend
There just ain't no substitute
You 'outta a treat her like a lady
Um-hum, all  the best you can do

You got to treat her like a lady
She give into you,
Now who can see?
You know what I mean

Oh, you've got to love her
Tease her
But most of all you've got to please her

You've got to hold her
Now and want her
And make her feel you'll always need her

You know a woman
Is sentimental
And so easy  to upset
So make her feel
That she's for real
And she give you happiness

Strange  as it seems
You know you can't do a woman mean
So my friends, now there you have it
I said it's the easy simple way
Now if you fail...
Don't blame her if she looks my way...

It's now the official first of summer and there is today, a bright, sunny day. The air seems permeated with a wild, unbridled hope. While it is still the early days of the summertime, we are reminded that all who follow, live under "the book."
The bible reminds us that "Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad." Psalm 118:24. And being that it is from the Psalms, we know that it is meant to be either chanted or sung.

Today is a day to be glad, even as we face disaster
and tragedy. Today offers to us new hope. Pray for the well being of those who have risked life and limb, who risk everything that they somehow find the calm and peace in the chaos of their life at just this moment. As a woman said this morning, "Tomorrow the sun will rise again." Words are powerful; they can wound, but they can also heal.

The words of a young blogger inspire me to write today. While I cannot discern the way for her, hers is a young life, growing and blooming. I came across her blog today; her enthusiasm is palpable. She is fully engaged in her work with children who are, by many measures, hopeless. For her however, they are each rays of hope! 
Treat each other well, because as the lyrics say, "There just ain't no substitute."  Today is a day made for you and me, made for us all to feel joy, to hope for a change of circumstance by the miracle of inter-being.

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